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Message from Superintendent Saunders

Dear MAPS Students, Parents, and Guardians

The Board of Education, at its meeting this morning , approved the district’s “Back to School” plan. In our plan, we have three potential options for students: face to face instruction five days a week, 100% virtual learning, or a hybrid of in person and online (i.e. core classes in person each day and electives online). 

Perhaps the #1 question I’ve received from parents struggling to make the best choice for their child’s education this fall is what the MAPS online learning will look like? Secondary to this question, the #1 request I’ve heard from parents is the desire to be connected to MAPS phenomenal classroom teachers. I’m proud to say that all our teachers and counselors will be highly involved in educating our online learners. Please see below links to descriptions of online learning for each of our various levels. I know I have many more questions to answer to help families make this choice and we’ll do our best to start answering more of those on a daily basis. We will continue to update our FAQ with responses to your questions, so please keep checking in. We’ll also host a virtual Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, August 18th starting at 4:00 p.m. We’ll be using the questions we’ve already been receiving to bring more clarity to what Fall 2020 will look like. 

William B. Saunders,


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Question: "Will Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be required?"

Answer: Facial coverings must be worn by all K-12 students and staff in classrooms, hallways, and common spaces. Masks can be removed while eating and during breaks outdoors as long as socially distanced. Facial coverings will be worn by all K-12 students and staff on the bus.

Question: "What will be the changes with food services?"

Answer: Nearly all elementary students will be served lunch in their classrooms.  Food Service staff will drop off bag/box lunches and disposable utensils, on a cart to the classroom 15 minutes prior to the designated lunch period.

Bothwell students will be socially distanced using the cafeteria and boys and girls sports decks. 

At MSHS lunch will be socially distanced by using the cafeteria, library and both the boys and girls sports decks or additional lunch periods will be added to reduce numbers. Student release times will be staggered to avoid long lines. Students will be required to wear masks in and out of the lunchroom and will only remove masks while eating. 

Question: "What hygiene protocols will be put in place? "

Answer: Each classroom will have a hygiene protocol with timelines that are posted and communicated via newsletters, web pages, bulletin boards, and the like. It will include Hand-washing schedule, Room and materials cleaning schedule

Every class will be supplied hand sanitizer, disposable masks, disinfectant wipes, etc.

Question: "What restrictions will there be on spacing, movement, and access? "

Answer: Efforts will be made, with no guarantee, to space desks six feet apart in classrooms when in phase 5. If placed in phase 4, the “Back To School Committee” will meet to reevaluate social distancing recommendations for classrooms, including class size limits, if social distancing isn’t attained through the attrition of students into the online offerings. 

Restroom sinks will be disabled and marked out of order if they are closer than 3 feet.

Only bottle fill stations will be available for water consumption, bubblers are not permitted to be used per executive order

Hallways, cafeteria, entry, and sidewalks will be marked in 6-foot increments by September 1

Question: "Will students and staff have to go through health screening? "

Answer: Each school building will identify a remote and secluded room, no smaller than 100 square feet to serve as an isolation area.  This room will be outfitted with appropriate PPE including gowns, face shields, N95 Masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes, portable two-way radios, and log sheets..

Each building will have an identified and trained staff person to serve as the “quarantine officer”.  These duties will take precedence over any other responsibilities and therefore this individual must have the flexibility to leave their regular assignment at a moment’s notice.

From the time of identification of potential infection, the student will not be left unattended by the quarantine officer and a log sheet of activity will be maintained at 5-minute intervals until the student or staff member is safely removed from the building.

The health department will contact the district in all positive cases to assist in contact tracing and notification of vulnerable individuals.

Staff should conduct daily self-examinations, including a temperature check, prior to coming to work. If they exhibit any respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, or have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, they should stay home.

: "What will be the testing protocols for students and staff?"

Answer: Students who develop a fever or become ill with COVID-19 symptoms at school should wear a mask and be transported by their parent or guardian, emergency contact, or ambulance if clinically unstable, for off-site testing. 

Staff who develop a fever or become ill with COVID-19 symptoms at school should wear a mask and be transported for off-site testing.

Symptomatic students and staff sent home from school should be kept home until they have tested negative for COVID-19, or have been released from isolation according to CDC guidelines.

MAPS will follow all recommendations from the Marquette County Health Department.

MAPS is evaluating whether to seek parent permission to conduct temperature checks before entering school. 

Question: "How will transportation be handled?"

Answer: Answer: District will be strongly encouraging self-transport of students to the greatest extent possible. Busing changes this year include:
All students required to wear masks
Assigned seating
Families to sit together
Hand sanitizer

School Board Announcement

Due to Executive Order 2020-154, the August 24th  Marquette Area Public School Special School Board meeting will be held virtually through Zoom video conferencing at 9:00 am with Board Members and Staff attending in the same place.  

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