MAPS Support Staff of the Year

Our Support Staff Person of The Year for 2023-2024 is Beth Tegge, the Administrative Assistant at Marquette Alternative High School.  Her nominators wrote, “To us, Beth’s beliefs about supporting her students, teachers and district are summed up in her ability to accomplish her daily work without complaint, and handle the chaos and craziness of our alternative world.  She is a master of multitasking. . .She adds humor and fun to the building, while never imposing her own personal worries, needs or concerns on others.  Stoic, calm in a crisis and with a disposition that is welcoming and caring to students and staff alike, she is the face of our alternative school.  In return, she asks for nothing, but gives her all.”


2022-23 Jerrod Hanson (Graveraet Elementary School)
2021-22 Ken Lancour (Sandy Knoll Elementary)
2020-21 Jennifer Snyder (Marquette Senior High School)
2018-19 Margie Jeevar (Bothwell Middle School)
2017-18 Sue Britton (Sandy Knoll Elementary)