MAPS Support Staff of the Year

Our Support Staff Person of The Year is Jerrod Hanson, the Head Custodian at Graveraet Elementary School. One of his nominators wrote, “Jerrod Hanson makes a significant contribution to having Graveraet Elementary School ready for operations on a daily basis...His work and attention to detail make our classrooms, offices, cafeteria, hallways, and grounds safe and clean for our students, staff, and visitors...Jerrod is a very good spirited individual and a very positive person...He is a great role model for students and always puts a smile on their faces. He is very approachable...He has a very positive effect on the overall quality of performance of our school...Jerrod's accomplishments are a reminder of someone who is willing to devote their time and energy to improve their work place with a positive attitude and deserves this nomination for Support Staff of the Year. His dedication and commitment to our Graveraet school is commendable."


2021-22 Ken Lancour (Sandy Knoll Elementary)
2020-21 Jennifer Snyder (Marquette Senior High School)
2018-19 Margie Jeevar (Bothwell Middle School)
2017-18 Sue Britton (Sandy Knoll Elementary)